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About the AB Kiosk Solution

What are the primary components of the AB Kiosk solution?

The AB Kiosk solution includes a standalone interactive touchscreen kiosk and a secure, mobile-friendly, offender management platform.

How many tests have been conducted in 2018 on the AB Kiosk solution?

In 2018, the AB Kiosk autonomously conducted more than 30,000 tests.

What is the overall rate of passed tests for the AB Kiosk solution?

99.5% of the tests administered are passed tests – those showing no presence of alcohol.

What are the primary benefits of the AB Kiosk solution?

The AB Kiosk solution completely automates all sobriety testing programs, which frees up deputies and supervisors for higher value work. And, in offender-paid sobriety testing jurisdictions, the kiosk is self-funding and requires no upfront capital.

How will the AB Kiosk solution save time?

Deputies will no longer need to conduct handheld PBT tests in the jail or courthouse. In addition, they will not need to send out test notices, or enter the results in the offender’s file. With the AB Kiosk and its offender management platform, all of this work is done automatically.

For what types of alcohol monitoring programs is the AB Kiosk solution best suited?

Day reporting – Probation check-in – Work release – Pre-trial services
Post conviction – Guardian ad litem – Rehabilitation – DUI Sobriety

Where is the Kiosk typically located?

The Kiosk is typically located in the vestibule of the jail, courthouse or minimum-security (inserted hyphen) facility.

How can Third-Party Providers use the AB Kiosk Solution?

Third-party providers of drug and alcohol counseling services can locate a Kiosk in each of their facilities. The testing and demographic data collected by the Kiosk can then be used to analyze the effectiveness of their programs and locations.

Do I need to have a minimum number of tests per day to deploy the system?

Ideally your organization should be administering an average of 15 tests per day across all populations.

Can the AB Kiosk solution help us reduce our jail population?

Yes. By keeping offenders free from alcohol during their work release or diversion program, jail populations are reduced and the community is safer.

How can I arrange for a demo?

Call Michael Noel at 651-383-1215, or email Precision Kiosk Technologies at mnoel@precisionkiosktech.com.

About the AB Kiosk Hardware

How many tests can a Kiosk administer in an hour?

The Kiosk can administer up to 40 tests per hour.

How long does it take for someone to take a test on the AB Kiosk?

Approximately 75 seconds.

How does an offender pay for a test?

An offender can pay by inserting $1, $5, $10 or $20 bills, or by swiping a credit card.

How does the AB Kiosk confirm the identity of the test-taker?

The Kiosk uses fingerprint authentication to verify the identity of the test taker. In addition the Kiosk captures video and still images throughout the testing process.

How does a test-taker know if he/she passes a test?

The Kiosk can be configured to display, or not display, test results via an onscreen message or a printed receipt.

About the AB Kiosk Offender Management Software

How are clients notified of an upcoming required test?

Clients can be automatically notified about a pending test by email, text message, or both.

What happens if a test-taker fails a test?

The Jurisdiction determines who receives notifications of failed tests, and these notifications are instantly sent via email and text message when a failed test occurs.

What happens if a test-taker fails to show up for his/her test?

The Kiosk notifies the appropriate supervisors/deputies within the jurisdiction.

What aggregated data does the Kiosk system enable me to view?

You can easily view the number of tests taken and the number of passed and failed tests. In addition, you can compare the percentage of passed tests by age, sex and testing group or location.

How are software updates handled?

Jurisdictions receive notifications of upcoming software updates at least 24 hours in advance. All updates are automatically applied to the Kiosk during off-testing hours.

Can I use the AB Kiosk software to handle different groups with different testing frequencies?

Yes, you can place your clients into groups of any type, including color-coded groups. These groups can all have different testing frequencies and different supervisors.

Can the AB Kiosk software randomize testing for a client?

Yes. The Kiosk can randomize testing by day and by the time of the test.

Can do I upload a list of clients into the system?

You can upload an Excel file directly into the Kiosk’s offender management system in just a few minutes. Clients can also be entered into the system individually.

Can I communicate with my clients when they test?

You can easily create custom messages to send to a certain client, or groups of clients, via the Kiosk.

Can we use the system to ask Probation related questions?

Yes. The AB Kiosk allows you to create a library of standard questions that you can select at any time for presentation to your clients. Your clients can dynamically answer questions and update their profile.

How can I view a client’s testing data?

Each client has a complete record of his or her testing history, which is searchable by name and numerical identifier.

About Training, Service and Support

How does Precision Kiosk Technologies train my deputies/case workers on the use of the AB Kiosk solution?

Precision Kiosk Technologies will host two, four-hour training sessions for all supervisors and case workers. In addition, PKT supplies a detailed User Manual in digital form, which can then be printed as needed.

Is there a User Manual?

Yes, there is a detailed, step-by-step User Manual.

What will I need to do to maintain my AB Kiosk?

The only routine maintenance that your jurisdiction will need to do is to periodically add more straws to the dispenser. All other maintenance, including cash collection, is handled by Precision Kiosk Technologies or its representatives.

If I have a problem with one of my Kiosks, whom do I contact?

Email Precision Kiosk Technologies at info@precisionkiosktech.com.

Can Precision Kiosk Technologies troubleshoot problems online?

Yes. In fact in most cases PKT can remotely ascertain and fix the problem. If not, a company representative will make an on-site visit the next business day.

What happens if the fingerprint scanner does not detect a fingerprint?

If a client is unable to have his or her fingerprint scanned, for whatever reason, they are still able to log into the system and test using an individually assigned pin.