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Chief Probation Officer, Marion County, Indiana

“Before the kiosks were installed, we were looking at caseloads of 120 clients per probation officer. We thought that we could reduce face-to-face caseloads to 80:1 by June of 2020 but to our surprise, we reached that ratio on March 1st.”

“Our AB Kiosk program for low-risk clients is also enabling our POs to closely watch higher-risk probation clients and focus more attention on their probation violations, behaviors, and compliance rates.”

Marion Superior Court, Marion County, Indiana

“We wanted to lower the caseload for our probation officers and make it easier to promote client compliance with their probation obligations. We knew that the success of this program would require close collaboration between Marion County judges and the Probation Department, and that collaboration continues to this day.”

“Courts in general seem slow to adopt technology but now is the time to embrace and utilize all available tools. Marion County has the largest number of probation cases in the State, but we were able to think outside the box and use technology to address our challenges.”


Chief Probation Officer, San Patricio County, Texas

“Today we use the Kiosk across all 1800 individuals in our system from the lowest risk to the highest. We even use the Kiosk to supplement our frequent face-to-face meetings with higher-risk clients with another layer of check-ins using the Kiosk.”

“Our AB Kiosks give our jurisdictional courts the peace of mind that we are effectively and closely supervising our entire probation population and holding everyone accountable to the terms of their supervision. The system enhances our CSOs’ ability to supervise their cases and it keeps detailed records of every check-in and breathalyzer test we conduct.”


Jail Administrator, Chippewa County, Wisconsin

“The AB Kiosk has allowed us to conduct 180 to 200 alcohol screenings each week with no direct supervision by our jail staff. This has freed up our deputies to focus their attention on running the jail instead of administering PBTs.”

“And the only feedback we have received from the clients is that they love using the Kiosk. Now they don’t have to wait for anyone, and they are in and out in two minutes.”


LT. KURT SCHAUNAMAN, Minnehaha County Jail, South Dakota

“Our staff really appreciated not having to administer handheld alcohol tests during COVID. Whereas before we had two people conducting tests full time during each testing period, now the Kiosk was handling everything. This has freed up our staff to focus more attention on other priorities including monitoring those inmates on a GPS bracelet.”

“And our 24/7 participants enjoy using the Kiosk because there is much less waiting time and the testing is much quicker, so they can get in and out. We used to have lines out the door at times when it was busy. Now people move through very quickly and we never have lines of people waiting to use the Kiosks.”

“Our pre-trial group is also using the Kiosks to monitor clients before sentencing. A client comes into our lobby and checks in on the Kiosk. We use the Kiosk to ask them a series of standard questions such as ‘Has your address or phone number changed? Do you know when your court date is? Have you met with your attorney?”

“It’s really nice not having to have two people assigned to conducting handheld tests twice a day.”