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Automated Pre-Trial and Probation Monitoring

Drive Increased Accountability!
Probation monitoring is more challenging than it has ever been. Jail depopulation efforts, pre-trial services and cashless bail programs are requiring you to monitor many more clients even as your staff levels remain static. Throw in the COVID pandemic, which increases health risks during face-to-face check-ins, and you begin to get a sense of the chaos confronting probation supervisors and Sheriff’s departments throughout the U.S.

Thankfully, the AB Kiosk® system from Precision Kiosk Technologies lets you drive a higher level of accountability within your probation populations while reducing the risks of COVID transmission between your staff and clients.

The Kiosk can be located in the lobby outside the secure area of jail or courthouse, eliminating the need for staff to clear dozens of people per day. Once installed, the AB Kiosk system autonomously handles all facets of the probation check-in process:

  • Manage drug test scheduling and fee collection
  • Conduct breathalyzer screenings as needed
  • Alert the PO about a missed check-in or positive alcohol screening
  • Execute 30 check-ins per hour with no face-to-face interaction
  • Free up your staff to focus on higher-risk clients

By incorporating the AB Kiosk system into your organization, you will positively impact your probation monitoring efforts in four ways:

  • Remotely monitor your low-risk populations
  • Intensify the direct supervision of higher-risk groups
  • Keep your low- and high-risk clients separated
  • Reduce the risk of COVID transmission between clients and staff

The AB Kiosk enables a complete probation monitoring system that streamlines and strengthens check-ins for low-risk clients while forging closer supervision of high-risk groups.

  • Flexibly schedule client visits to the Kiosk
  • Biometrically confirm each client’s identity
  • Capture still photos and video of each kiosk event

The system also enables probation officers (POs) to separate low- and high-risk clients throughout the probation process, thereby reducing the likelihood that low-risk clients will be negatively influenced by high-risk clients.

  • Use client-specific questions to assess client behaviors
  • Automatically update client files with responses
  • Issue a time-stamped receipt to the client

The Kiosk is available 24/7, enabling low-risk clients to check in on any AB Kiosk in their jurisdiction with less disruption to their lives.


A probation officer can upload his or her list of clients into the Kiosk’s Offender Management System in just a few minutes. POs can then segment their lists by assigning clients to specific check-in frequencies and customizing the monitoring/check-in process to their style of supervision:

  • Use the Kiosk to ask questions of probationers:
    • Employment status
    • Changes to address, cell phone number or email address
    • Use of drugs or alcohol
    • Adherence to conditions of probation
    • Recording of UA, oral swab, and sweat patch results
  • Answers to questions are automatically uploaded to the probationer’s file upon approval of their supervisor
  • Conduct randomized or fixed alcohol screenings
  • Use the AB Kiosk system to prepare reports by client or by a group program
  • Track probation compliance at the state, local, or probation officer level

The AB Kiosk® is highly secure and tightly integrated with its Client Management Software Program.  Because of its autonomy, the AB Kiosk removes the busy work from the responsibilities of probation officers and provides an effective means of tracking the success of the probation programs. By completely automating the process for a large portion of a PO’s workload, the AB Kiosk makes POs more effective, enhancing the safety of the community and reducing offender recidivism.

View the Probation Monitoring Video

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